Meet The Team

Lorraine ~ Financial Coordinator

Lorraine Lead Receptionist
  • Top Advice: Try to make someone smile each day
  • Favorite Actor: Tom Selleck
  • Vacation Spot: Cancun
  • Loves: Spending time with grandchildren!

Vicky ~ Dental Hygienist

Vicky Dental Hygienist

  • Hometown: Caracas, Venezuela
  • Favorite Actor: Kevin Costner
  • Favorite Hobby: Sleeping
  • Song: ‘I hope you dance’

Lori ~ Dental Hygienist

Lori - Dental Hygienist

  • Favorite Movie: You’ve Got Mail
  • Vacation Spot: Disney World 
  • Favorite Snack: Cheese & Crackers
  • Favorite video game: PAC-MAN!

Brianna ~ Dental Assistant

  • Quote: “A dragon doesn’t always have to be slain. It can sometimes be befriended.”
  • Hobby: Drawing
  • Favorite Song: “That’s the way I’ve always heard it should be”
  • Favorite Time Period: 1940s

 Alondra ~ Patient Coordinator

  • Favorite Activity: Dancing
  • Favorite Animal: Dogs
  • Loves: Spending time with her children
  • Favorite Flower: Pink Roses

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